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Revision History

Note: Windows versions V3.40 and lower may require this prerequisite package from Microsoft .

V4.98 - 2022.04.24        WIN    OSX
	Bug fixes 

v4.95 - 2022.04.20        WIN    OSX
	Added color equalize action
	Memorized crop command added to action group commands
	Extra suffix support for action group export command 
	Enhanced right click context menu for 'Run action group' button
	Bug fixes
V4.92 - 2022.03.15        WIN    OSX
	Bug fixes (thumbnail viewer, action editor...)

V4.90 - 2022.02.28        WIN    OSX
	Thumbnail view feature
	White balance dialog enhancements
	Color commands enabled for multiple files
	A new option for hiding list scrollbar 
	Bug fixes (export filename collisions, crop transparency...)

V4.80 - 2021.11.04        WIN    OSX
	Dust cleaner option to differentiate dark/light colored dust 
	Added extra strength level for dust cleaner 
	New action for RGB color normalization
	Automatic detection of crop padding color
	Support for EXIF orientation tags while loading images
	White balance dialog improvements
	Option for negated display of original image

V4.41 - 2021.04.04        WIN    OSX
	Bug fixes

V4.40 - 2021.01.04        WIN    OSX
	Added crop strength parameter to control auto crop detection
	Dust cleaning performance enhancements
	Added external tool support 
	Added metadata copying option (experimental)
	Added "Integration" page to options
	Bug fixes

V4.01 - 2017.06.13        WIN    OSX
	Reshape crop feature.
	Alert feature on action completion
	Resize command for action groups
	Menu button
	Memorized crops option page
	Memorized crops center alignment feature
	Action groups now have separate configuration window
	Dust cleaner options
	Bug fixes (DPI and TIFF issues, resize percentage limits, ...) 

V3.40 - 2015.08.17        WIN    OSX
	Saturation, brightness and contrast adjustments
	Shadows, highlights recovery
	White balance user interface
	Histogram viewer 
	Support for multiple action groups
	Option to auto crop after untilt
	New resize options for fitting longer/shorter sides
	Manual touch window enhancements (Selection cleaning/restoring, initial image toggle)
	Option added for aligning memorized crops with mouse position
	Untilt feature now rotates to the nearest 90-degree multiple.
	Paste format quality has been set to 100%.
	Fixed crop percentage limit increased.
	Maximum value for timeouts increased.
	Slide crop search zone extended.
	Exported images now preserve the DPI setting.
	Exported TIFF files are now LZW compressed.

V3.10 - 2015.01.08        WIN    OSX
	Shortcuts editor 
	Slide mode option for slide scanners 
	Option to hide scrollbars
	Option to enable file iteration by mouse buttons 
	Bug Fixes (Auto buttons shortcut key clash, font fix for Mac OS X Yosemite...)

V3.00 - 2014.11.20        WIN    OSX
	Action groups 
	Crop adjust panel
	Document crop feature
	Workspace file format option 
	Auto detect parameters 
	Button to read files automatically from specified folders
	Import/export session files 
	Export folder tree replication 
	Unregister button
	New display options
	Option reset feature
	Statistics on crop and image sizes
	New untilt algorithm
	Support for Apple file and folder events
	Right click file iteration from image viewer panel
	Bug fixes (ARGB32 handling, tab orders, wildcard handling...)

V2.51 - 2014.09.18        WIN    OSX
	Service release fixing overcropping in "auto-crop dark margins" feature.

V2.50 - 2014.09.11
	Improved auto crop algorithms
	Improved crop rectangle visibility
	Aspect mode for fixed crops
	Memorized crops
	Color picker format options

V2.41 - 2014.07.22
	Service release fixing occasional export issues

V2.40 - 2014.07.20
	Automatic tilt correction
	Color picker
	White balancing 
	Relative grow/shrink capability
	Numerous bug fixes
V2.24 - 2014.07.11
	Service release fixing "cancel operation" issues

V2.21 - 2014.07.10
	Simplified work flow, and user interface
	Finer control on image formats
	Conversion to grayscale and mono channels
	Dust spot removal, framing, and captioning features
	New options

V1.40 - 2013.12.13
	Target file viewing tab
	Draft mode
	Multiple file transform ability
	Option to hide full file path column
	Bug fixes
V1.30 - 2013.09.27
	Quick edit panel for faster manual operation
	Rotation and flipping support

V1.20 - 2013.08.01
	Initial release