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V4.80 has been released!   ( 4 Nov 2021 )

Are you scanning slides, books or documents?
Got thousands of images to crop?
BatchCrop can help you.
Crop, resize and modify images easily.




BatchCrop does not require installation, just download your package and unzip it.

Mac OS X users; you may have to allow for third-party application execution in Gatekeeper. (Right click on the downloaded DMG file and choose 'Open' from the context menu.)

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Older versions


Current version is V4.80. This release brings the following features:

V4.80 - 2021.11.04

	Dust cleaner option to differentiate dark/light colored dust 
	Added extra strength level for dust cleaner 
	New action for RGB color normalization
	Automatic detection of crop padding color
	Support for EXIF orientation tags while loading images
	White balance dialog improvements
	Option for negated display of original image

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Unlicensed BatchCrop has full functionality with limitations related to file count, and occasional reminders.

Buy a license to get the unlimited version.


Comments, problem reports, and feature requests are always welcome.